5 Things To Do If You Lose Your Job - Part 2

A Note To My Fellow Houstonians...

You may have noticed that I did not publish a blog last week. The folks here in Houston have suffered great devastation from Hurricane Harvey. My family and I came very close to having water in our home, but are one of the lucky ones. 

My heart goes out to the many, many families that have experienced tragedy and upset in their lives as a result of Harvey's incredible impact. This is something that will affect Houston for some time to come. Please make a donation to help those in need if you are in a position to do so. 

The last in my series "5 Things To Do If You Lose Your Job"

3. Staying Fit and Healthy

Since this time period is one that requires optimal performance, you must be operating at your peak. You can not afford to become overstressed and end up sick. This will only delay your end goal which needs to be accelerated at every juncture. I am talking about your health here. Keeping up a routine of physical exercise, eating well, and maintaining a normal sleep routine is important. By maintaining your normal sleep routine, you not only avoid disrupting your body’s ability to operate at top levels, but you will also be prepared to get into the work routine easier when you do return.

 During stressful times, your taking care of your health is paramount

During stressful times, your taking care of your health is paramount

4. Developing a Support System

This is a time when “doing it alone” is ill-advised. You need to surround yourself with others that can help get you through this trough. This includes those who can help with job finding strategies to building your confidence when you are ready to throw in the towel. Your support team may include the following rooster of players:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Former colleagues
  • Others looking for work
Support Group.jpeg

5. Committing to Seeing this to the Finish

I am not going to sugar-coat it, finding a job is hard work! Be forewarned, Finding a Job is a Full-time Job. It is hard work and requires dedication, persistence, and activity. There will be times that you will feel like giving up because nothing is working out for you. Do not let up from your efforts until you have achieved your goal of receiving an offer. Finding a job is similar to what Jim Collins stated in his book “Good to Great” about the Flywheel theory. A flywheel is a very heavy object that takes an incredible amount of inertia to move just a tiny bit. After much effort, it starts to move just a little freer, until it moves effortlessly on the merits of its own weight. I assure you, your job search will mimic the flywheel. 

 Like pushing a flywheel, things are tough in the beginning

Like pushing a flywheel, things are tough in the beginning

Keep pushing, continue telling yourself that the right employer just doesn’t know you exist - yet! Take it from me…with persistence, hard work, and a little help from your friends, you will land the perfect job.