A Welcomed Distraction - Escaping Without Leaving the House

There are times during the week that I just need to change the station. The mental station that is. From the pressures of work, family, and everything else in between, life can be hard. We all need a way to just get away from it all. A cerebral vacation to some degree. The problem with many people is that they either have forgotten how to do this or just don’t know. They are caught up in the daily grind: wake up, take care of the kids, go to work, and try to fit in a little dinner and family if time permits. This type of activity everyday can and will take a toll on a person’s well-being. Breaking the cycle of continual stress is something that I practice, and have perfected, in order to maintain a balanced life. By doing this for myself, I am able to serve others the best of me. 

This week I will cover how to provide oneself with a psychological vacation by distracting the mind.

 Books are your passport to new experiences

Books are your passport to new experiences

Why mental distractions are important to me

My first priority is to find something that will allow me to recharge for the week. To accomplish this, I need a variety of what I call “distractions”. They are diversions in the best way. All of them are a source of entertainment for me after a long day, week, or month. They truly are a welcomed distraction. 

These distractions are paramount to my mental health. They provide me with the ability to unwind and recharge after a frenzied couple of days. Basically they are an escape without leaving the house. Learning to accept that we must take a break from work, or the non-stop pace of life, is something most are not comfortable with. But moving at the speed of sound all the time will burn a person out and leave little in the reserve tank for the big decisions in life. I like to use the analogy of an engine: if you drive a car at 100 mph all day everyday, sooner or later the engine will overheat and seize up or throw a rod. Damage will be inevitable.  Once in a while it needs to be driven slower and with care. Same with your brain: if you are always on the go and never break up the routine, you may throw a rod - metaphorically speaking. 

 Music: Candy for your ears

Music: Candy for your ears

Variety of diversions

So how do I make the great escape from the everyday rigors of life? I do it by involving myself in the following three pieces of entertainment. 

  1. Books

  2. Movies

  3. Music

Not only will I cover each one of these topics in greater detail in upcoming blogs, but I will also dive into recommendations and show you ways on how to discover the ones I consider to be some of the best. 

Years of enjoyment

One of the great things about books, movies, and music is that there is an endless supply of great material to discover for all three areas. One could spend a lifetime just exploring a single genre within each of the three. The good news is that there isn’t just a single genre, but more than one can count. This opens up the possibility to spend a life of finding great ideas, gems, and escapes. 

 Movies are a great way to escape 

Movies are a great way to escape 

Follow me next week where we will look a little deeper into the joy of books, and how the learning journey started for me with one epic business book. 

Thank you for reading my blog and I do look forward to seeing you next week.