What is a Balanced Life?

For me, having a balanced life means having a sense of calm as a result of the different parts of my life being in sync. This includes having my career, my fitness program, my relationships, and my passions working in harmony to minimize undue stress.  It is very important for me to be in this state to achieve maximum results and a positive attitude. 

My first blog will cover how an unbalanced life can ruin your day (and possibly your life). I will also brief you on what to expect from upcoming blogs. 

Why is my life out of balance

Life has many distractions that require our attention today. Between the demands of work, family, and everything else we may not have the bandwidth to keep up with it all. As a result we become stressed out, worrisome and fearful of things that may or may not happen. It is a struggle to stay on top of all of the demands of the daily grind. 

Why should you care

Because we are being pulled in many different directions, we are demanding our physical and mental self to adapt to the constant change that life throws at us. This can be a very tiring exercise that can result in a multitude of problems for us; our family, our health, and our jobs. As we have all read somewhere along the way, stress is not our friend. It can affect our health, our mental attitude and even our sex life. 

Startling stories of people I meet

As a traveling salesman, I meet all types of people on the road. Many of them are in the service industry: bus drivers, hotel employees, baristas, and maintenance personnel. I really enjoy learning more about them and their lives when I get a chance to mingle. One of the things that I have noticed throughout my travels is how many of them hold two and three jobs to make a living. Their world is totally out of balance. Most of them don’t get proper sleep, have a normal routine, or exercise and are a prime candidate for obesity. This can be attributed to the higher levels of the hormone “cortisol” from the byproduct of stress. 

Dr. Natasha Turner discusses the detrimental effects of stress in Dr.Oz Magazine  http://bit.ly/2qYZ68k. She explains that  “Persistently elevated levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, are very detrimental to your health as well as to your body composition." She goes on to say that “...chronic stress makes us soft, flabby and much older than we truly are!” Now that you have had your science lesson, we will move onto my views (in upcoming articles) on avoiding stress as much as possible to maintain a balanced lifestyle. 

Future blog topics

For over 35 years I have worked on how to enjoy my life to the fullest; even through the most stressful of times. I have come to the conclusion that we must learn to balance the varying activities of the day. This website is dedicated to sharing those findings with you the reader,  and pass along my views that may work for you to balance your life. I will help you navigate amongst the four pillars I feel are important in managing one’s overall well-being. To me, each one is a key ingredient in helping with balancing out my life. They are listed below:

1. Career

2. Fitness

3. Self Improvement

4. Entertainment

I look forward to sharing my boydsiview with you in upcoming topics.