Finding the Right Career for You - Part II

This is the beginning of Part II of my series on "Finding the Right Career for You". 



Now What?

Okay, great! So now we have a direction of what might keep us interested at work and help us to not zone out at work all day and anticipating 5pm. Now what do you do? Given the fact that you may be interested in being a sales person for electronics you need to begin with assessing your skills from my past jobs. Maybe you may not be at the top level in this field, but at least you can map your transferrable skills to selling. The point here is you need to start somewhere and build with that momentum. And remembering that since we are interested in learning more about our new position, this will help with moving us further along in our career in a faster time frame. Just keep building the momentum until you start to gain some street cred for your resume. Having an idea of our skill level will help to target the organizations we would like to work for. 

Start out by identifying 10-20 companies that you have always thought of working for that would be in the field of electronics. After you have completed this task, go to their website career page to determine if there would be a fit for you at the organization. Remember, it is all about what value you can bring to the position in terms of problem solving. If companies didn’t have challenges and problems, none of us would be working. So make sure you have developed a strong value statement of why they should hire you to clean up the issues lingering with the business. I will cover more on this topic in an upcoming blog. 

Lastly, find the decision maker (they are the person signing the check to get you hired) who have the problem to solve. You can do this by using LinkedIn to figure out who this might be. I find it more effective to direct message them if possible. Both of you have a problem: you need a job that helps position your life in balance, and they need to hire someone to make them look good. No one else has your interest at heart in finding your ideal position than you do. Take your destiny in your own hands and devise a way to connect. 

Final Words…

Knowing that a person would never take on a hobby that they were not passionate about is very similar to a person doing a job that they put up with. I know we all have to do things that we don’t really want to do, but hedging this irritation as much as you possibly can will help with your overall attitude in life. Trust me. Finding the right career has many benefits that you may not be able to see from the outset. I am a firm believer that if you are passionate about something you will excel at it because you will put the extra effort into it that is needed to master that task. Honing your skillset and learning new ideas will be a natural evolution that will occur without you realizing it. These are skills that you will be able to take with you to your next endeavor if you choose.