Finding the Right Career for You - Part I

For me, when it comes to finding work, a job, or career, I need to find something that fascinates me to the point that I actually am interested and passionate about what I am doing. Considering that we spend at least a third of of time at work (not including the rituals of preparing for work; i.e. picking out clothes, showering, getting lunches ready, etc), shouldn’t we at least try to find work that we enjoy? I mean who really jumps out of bed in the morning saying to themselves, “man I can’t wait to get to Cubeville Hell”! Certainly not I! So why not find something that you at least are interested in and that you will enjoy for 2000 hours a year? By being interested in our career, we will spend more time focusing and actually trying to improve our skillset. The greatest benefactor of this will be you. 

By improving what we do we will become better at it. By becoming better, we will open up even more opportunities that provide us with the ability to live more comfortably. By living at a greater level of comfort, and enjoying what you do, one can decrease the amount of stress associated with the demands of the job, versus dealing with one that you hate and are struggling at. This can also contribute to a positive attitude, along with providing you the focus to concentrate on the most important things in life: your relationships, your health, and your hobbies.

How do I find it?

The first step in finding your life’s work is to do some personal reflection and try to figure out what you are passionate about. You may ask how do we do this? One of the best, and long standing books on the subject is “What Color is Your Parachute” by Richard Nelson Bolles. It is a favorite of mine in that it helped provide me a starting point as to what might be a good career field for me. The process is a fairly simple one to follow and includes a few steps to get you there. By figuring out what are your hobbies, what do you enjoy buying, and what jobs have you enjoyed in the past, one should be able to do a Venn diagram and find out what are the common things between all three. For example, my hobbies include anything electronic (computers, audio equipment), I like buying electronics (computers, audio equipment), and I have enjoyed selling things. So maybe one of the things I may want to look into would be a selling electronics. By understanding this I am able to find what will keep me interested in working and improving. I will use the the example of selling electronics going forward in this blog for illustration purposes. 

Richard Nelson Bolles’ “What Color is Your Parachute”

Identifying “Hobbies, Buying habits, and experiences with past Work” to focus in on what might be a good fit for your career as found in “What Color is Your Parachute”. 

I will continue next week with Part II of "Finding the Right Career for You" which will discuss the ingredients for my proven recipe for serving up enjoyable career that will be much more fulfilling than where you are today. If you have already achieved this, then skip the next blog and share with me your recipes for success for a balanced life. 

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