with Mark Boyd


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Mark Boyd

BOYDSiVIEW is dedicated to bringing you ideas on how to live a balanced life. This is a topic that I have been interested in for the past 35 years as I have traveled and met many others who struggle with the challenge of attaining happiness. The one thing that has been evident is that I was living a fairly calm and happy life in comparison to others. This got me to thinking: “what have I done differently than those who are living in fear, stressed out, and unable to find a passion to distract them from the everyday rigors of life?" For me the key is a matter of taking care of the following building blocks that we all are capable of working on. 


One of the most uncomfortable times in your life, besides death of a loved one or divorce, will be the loss of a job. It will literally turn your life upside down and leave your world in suspension. Together we will discover ideas on coping with the loss of a job to managing your career. 


My most passionate belief in life is to be as healthy as I can so that I may enjoy everything that life has to offer. I will bring you ideas on how to find time to workout even with the busiest of schedules, and help you with ideas for developing new routines for that schedule. 

Self Improvement

The discipline of life-long learning is a pillar in my life and I will show you how to keep the learning train moving even into adulthood. We will seek out ways to improve our current selves and propel us past mediocrity. 


Entertainment is the key to recharging the brain. There is an endless supply of books, music, and movies to distract yourself with. My recommendations will provide you with an escape from the demands of life, and help you relax and have fun.